Phytogrape's project


Located in A Coruña (Spain), Savelo is an enterprise that has a wide experience in the zoosanitary products manufacturing, since 1993. Its union with i-grape and with USC, is the perfect combination to create a range of high quality ecological products thought for animal healthcare.

I-grape is a spin-off created by researchers from USC. Its main activity is the manufacturing of extract, from Albariño grape husk, through totally ecological processes. This extract is included in Phytogrape family composition, and it is protected under a European patent.

The Santiago de Compostela's University is characterized by its antiquity, experience and by its position as a model in the launch of innovative products. The study and the development of the extract of which Phytogrape family is made of, was performed in its facilities.

As a result of this triple collaboration Phytogrape is created: a product rich in natural polyphenols with scientifically proved antibacterial and antioxidant activities.

Under the Phytogrape line different products have been developed, as prediping, post-milking products, products for the treatment of hoof and a high quality dryer for animal beds.