Teat dip product for nipple hygiene and protection


Application: Maintenance of healthy udders in good physiological condition, protecting them from pathogenic and environmental organisms.

How to use: Apply after milking using APPLICATOR CUP submerging 2/3 of the nipple. Wash before the next milking.

Available in 20Kg. containers

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Precautions: Post-dipping product. Exclusive use in animals. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat. In case of accident consult the Medical Service of Toxicological Information (Tel 915 620 420)

Composition: polyphenols, film-forming agents, anionic surfactants <5, cosmetic softeners, glycerin

Phytogrape is a range of natural products with antioxidant properties. They are made from an extract obtained from grape bagasse, obtained in a way that respects the environment.

The formulas of Phytogrape products are internationally patented. It has a high content of natural polyphenols that give it important characteristics to this post-dipping product.

Phytogrape range of products has been awarded in the FIGAN International fair in the 2019 as “Technical Improvement”.


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EAN CODE: 8436011218141