Bed dryer

High performance dryer for the treatment of the animal bed
The Phytogrape’s dryer is a powder product for the universal cleaning of livestock made from specially treated natural substances. It is an absorbent product, made with local raw materials and free of phosphates. In addition, its formula allows it to have a pH suitable for the skin and that is neither toxic or corrosive to animals. It contains natural adjuvants that sanitize, dry and provide a pleasant scent.

Available in 25Kg. bags

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Phytogrape bed dryer:

– Neutralizes ammonia. Deodorant effect.

– It is not toxic or corrosive.

– pH appropriate to the skin.

– High absorbent power.

– Reduces paw problems and blisters.

– Anti-slip.

– Repellent action of insects in general.

– Phosphate free.

The use of this bed dryer is recommended for the pavement and beds for livestock breeding (cattle, poultry, pigs, goats, sheeps …).

Phytogrape is a range of natural products with antioxidant properties. They are made from an extract obtained from grape bagasse, obtained in a way that respects the environment.

The formulas of Phytogrape products are internationally patented. It has a high content of natural polyphenols that give it important characteristics to this post-dipping product.

Phytogrape range of products has been awarded in the FIGAN International fair in the 2019 as “Technical Improvement”.


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