arena sand

Part of the farms that we know use sand as a support for the animals’ bedding. This is due to the fact that it is a cheap material with drainage capacity; liquids pass to the bottom of the bed. However, despite its drainage capacity, it is not an absorbent material; it does not dry out, it does not absorb moisture, but only guides the water.

In addition to this, it also has some other drawbacks to review.

Firstly, it is importat to indicate the effect the sand have on the hooves of cows. As it is an abrasive material, it has a sandpaper effect: it wears them down, affecting their health and requiring the intervention of a podiatrist on a more recurring basis, due to the much more frequent appearance of lameness. This sandpaper effect also affects the skin of the teats, since the litter material will be in contact with the animal’s udder for as long as the animal is resting.

On the other hand, in our history, we have encountered different problems that have occurred in the slurry pit as a result of the accumulation of sand. This sand must be extracted with a shovel or with the necessary instruments, which represents a very high cost for the exploitation.

On the other hand, by extracting the slurry from the pit and applying it to the land, a supply of sand can negatively affect its fertility and quality. This is due to a change in the physical-chemical properties of the soil. In addition, it increases the wear of the tank and its parts, which reduces its useful life.

By applying a blotter such as Sanisec or Phytogrape dryer, on top of the sand we will be managing to minimize part of the problem, which, as we have just seen, presents the sand:

  • It dries and absorbs moisture, so the animal will be in optimal conditions all the time.
  • It is not abrasive, so the wear on the hooves of the cows is much less. In addition, being in contact with the udders of the cows, it would eliminate the irritation that occurs with the sand

In conclusion, the problems related to slurry are not eliminated by applying Sanisec or Phytogrape dryer. However, those disadvantages related to the health of the animal and its productivity are eliminated.

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